How do you Write a Script? What are the key parts?

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Online Video Production Script

Plan your video production with a great script

We’ve all heard it before, but planning is crucial to any online video project. Rush and you’ll run the risk of attracting an invisible audience. For me it’s like receiving a poorly made business card from someone who claims to be a huge success. Maybe it’s the creative side of me talking, but the first few seconds are crucial when it comes to forming an opinion. This is why I’m a big believer in knowing where you are headed, especially with online video if you want to give yourself the best chance for success.

A script, in its simplest terms, is your structural outline for the content that will be spoken throughout your video. Prior to filming any video, you should have a script in place or at least an outline of any spoken content. Feature filmed movies will definitely have a well thought out and detailed script in place, but for the purposes of creating a production for your online video, a shorter one will do.

If you are planning on interviewing a subject, make sure that you have a list of any questions you want to ask, prepared in advance. And when it’s time to deliver a script, make sure you or your actor practice it enough so that it sounds natural. A confident and natural speaker will be far better than a speaker who’s not confident.  I’ve seen testimonials read off of sheets of paper. As a consequence of things sounding so unnatural, that footage had to be tossed in the bin.

Three main components that your script should have in place:

When it comes to planning for a scrip for online video, consider having these items in place :

Introduction – The start of your video is where you need to grab your audience’s attention. If the content is not captivating, then your target audience is likely to get bored and leave. The introduction is your opportunity to clarify the subject of the video boosting your prospects.

Body – The body of the script should include details of the products or services that your business is selling or the issues you may be trying to raise. The body of the script is your opportunity to make a case for why your business is special. Keep your message to the point

Conclusion – Your concluding statements need to convert your target audience into believers. If you have retained them up to this stage of your video, then now is your opportunity to convince them why your business is so special. This conversion process requires a thorough understanding of your target audience and their desires.

Just remember that a script doesn’t have to be overcomplicated if you are shooting a short online production. It’s a tool that will give any video production added confidence.

Best of luck with your video production – The Video Effect

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