The Video Effect by Nigel Camp

Market Your Business With Effective Online Video

Video Marketing and Content Tips

How can you outperform other businesses by delivering video with impact?

Online video has a global reach enabling services to be marketed and promoted whilst building engaged communities who identify with a business’s core message. Video marketing now has the means to connect with viewers in ways never thought possible, for example through sharing content via the social media networks, the ability for viewers to leave comments and reviews, and much more besides. Videos are now integrated into the way search engine algorithms rank results, making it easier for a business to be found online. Most importantly, the technology to produce high quality video content is more affordable than ever.

This book explains how video marketing can help businesses sell a product or service. The book looks at everything from choosing the appropriate video equipment to selecting the video type that is right for your business. It also discusses key design elements and tips that will improve a video’s success in delivering its intended message. Producing video is something every business or brand can do provided enough time and resources are allocated. More ambitious and challenging projects can be always be outsourced to a specialist video production company where necessary.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why the the attention span of your audience is so crucial and what can be done to create a more engaging video.
  • Video marketing steps on how to outperform other businesses by delivering videos with impact and emotion.
  • ‘ How To ‘ strategies on storyboard writing and scripting to produce a more professional video.
  • The truth about how visitors view content on website. A review of key communication techniques which will help your business create more effective video.
  • How can you outperform other businesses by delivering video with impact?

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The Video Effect - Market your business with effective online video amazonThe Video Effect - Amazon Kindle

The-Video-Effect-Market-your-business-with-effective-online-video-amazon ukThe Video Effect - Amazon Kindle

The-Video-Effect-Market-your-business-with-effective-online-video-amazon-canadaThe Video Effect - Amazon Kindle

Nigel gives excellent practical for advice for any business looking to produce online video that's professional, watchable and shareable.

Jennifer Howze - co-founder of BritMums

The Video Effect is packed full of creative and inspiring ideas about how video can transform your marketing and promotion strategies.

Lorna Howarth – Contributing Editor, Resurgence and Ecologist

If you know video is important, but don’t have a clue where to start, then read this book and learn exactly how video can boost your marketing success.

Joe Gregory – Publisher and Co-creator of BooksBringBusiness

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