Top Rated Video Editing Apps For Mobile Phones

By April 1, 2016Blog
Mobile video editing apps for smarphones and iphones

Great mobile video editing made possible at your fingertips

High quality video content has been around for some time in the form of commercials on television. Thanks to advances with technology and software, we are now able to edit and produce video content directly on our smartphones.  This has opened up a world of possibilities for anyone looking to get great content out fast. Whether you have an iPhone, Android or Windows phone, you can create great content on the go. Below are the top rated mobile video apps for each type of mobile OS.

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Apple iOS



iMovie lets you create fantastic creative projects on your Phone and iPad. If you have an iPhone its probably worth taking at this app as a starting point. Further information is available by clicking here.


Pinnacle Studio

Organise all of your footage on your iPhone or iPad using this award winning mobile video editing app. Further information is available by clicking here.



Cameo allows you to create cinematic footage using this fantastic mobile video editor. It’s a perfect alternative to iMovie if you are looking for an alternative video editor for your iPhone or iPad.  Further information is available by clicking here.

Adroid OS



PowerDirector is a great mobile video editing app that has plenty of effects that will enhance any video project. If you own an Adroid phone make sure you check out this fantastic app.  Further information is available by clicking here.



KineMaster was one of the first great mobile video editing apps for Android phones. Since its debut it has undergone many enhancements that will no doubt help you produce a fantastic project.  Further information is available by clicking here.



Movie Maker

Movie Maker is an award winning video editing app for Windows Phones. Its ability to help you professionally compose every part of your movie is worth taking a much closer look at. Further information is available by clicking here.


Nokia Video Director

Want to create stylish videos fast and efficient with some great effects? This is a great alternative to Movie Maker and a has received a lot of praise from its users. Further information is available by clicking here.

Apple iOS / Android OS


Adobe Premier Clip

Create beautiful videos on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Adobe Premier Clip is a powerful video editor that also allows projects to be uploaded and shared with Premier Pro (Professional Desktop version). It’s a must for collaborative projects.  Further information is available by clicking here.

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