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Jukedeck - Where to get the right music - Cost Efficient Royalty Free Music

Where to get the right music

The challenge

All filmmakers understand that the right music for a video can bring it to life.

Most filmmakers know what type of music they need to do this; for those who don’t, the internet has plenty of guides to help you out.

But only some filmmakers have the resources and knowledge needed to either have this music made or write this music themselves.

For the rest of us, finding music means digging through online libraries for royalty-free music that will cost us big bucks to use. Even when we’ve gone through that painful process we still have to spend hours editing it so it fits our video.

This system isn’t fair. We have creative control in so many ways in the modern world, we can even film a movie on our smartphones. Why is it that we have no creative control over our music? Why leave it to the wealthy or the musically gifted? It’s time we took our control back.

The solution

In this revolt against creative kidnap, you may have come across a London startup that is breaking through these barriers and giving creative control back to the filmmakers and content creators.They’re called Jukedeck, and I’m lucky enough to be part of the team that work for them.

Jukedeck are a group of composers and producers who just happen to be whizzes at coding. The talented musical developers have created a tool that allows content makers to produce the music they want. Jukedeck will give you these tracks royalty-free and cost-efficiently. Using Jukedeck you can save yourself time, money and gain control.

The tool itself creates unique, personalised tracks at the touch of a button. It’s early days yet, and we’re still in beta, but things are moving quickly. Already you can pick between genres, choose instruments, select speed and more.

The best part? Each track that is generated is different, and if you don’t like a track then simply discard it and create a new one. The tracks won’t be flagged for copyright infringement either because each track created is unique every time.

Fancy giving it a go? Request early access and take creative control back.

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Jukedeck - Where to get the right music - Cost Efficient Royalty Free Music

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