Seven Key Advantages Of Using Online Video In Social Media

By July 20, 2015Blog
online video and social media - benefits

Online video should be part of every social media marketing campaign

A while back businesses may have been a bit hesitant about using social media. However, today most businesses are capitalizing on using at least one form of social media. Given the popularity of social media, businesses are well-advised to capitalise on this growing phenomenon – the days when social media was simply for personal use are long gone.

Below are seven advantages that using video in social media will bring to your business:

1. Marketing upcoming products

Using video on social media platforms is a powerful way to promote new business ideas. For example, on Twitter, you can link to any video on your video file-sharing site (YouTube, Vimeo etc.) promoting new products and services to your followers. Also, if you’ve made updates,you can use twitter to redirect your subscribers back to your website or blog.

2. Raise your business profile

Video is a fantastic medium for generating brand awareness. By posting video links on social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, you can tell the story of your company and inform the world of your business activities. By using video to stay active in the social media space, your business profile should also see an improvement in its key search engine ranking.

3. Collaborative network assistance

A group working effectively together will often reach a goal much quicker than people working alone. By forming communities over social media using networks such as Twitter, a community can help each other redistribute video links. For example, businesses working in a collaborative partnership can redistribute each other’s video links onto their networks, thereby enhancing the potential reach of the video.

4. Generate credibility

Posting videos on social media platforms will set up your business as a leader in its field. By posting video links and video, your business will be able to build its reputation, and high quality video will again make you prominent among your competitors.

5. Transforming advocates into salesmen

Often people will share and talk about products and services they have had a good experience with. Armed with the right set of videos, your best advocates could indirectly become your best sales force by sharing your video content onto their network over social media. All of this takes place independently and grows dynamically, often leading to potential sales.

6. Joint venture opportunities

Businesses looking for a joint venture may come across your video content and likewise you may come across theirs. It’s possible that someone who’s been a contact of yours has followed your business for some time looking for potential opportunities. Video can convey this information quickly and easily.

7. Feedback

Appraising your own video feedback is an excellent indicator of whether your message is reaching the intended audience. Comments may not always be positive, but listening to feedback from your target market will improve future video work and future business success.

Best of luck creating online video content!



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