Why Does The Travel Industry Need More Video?

By March 31, 2015Blog
Why Does The Travel Industry Need More Video

High quality video content has been around for some time in the form of commercials on television. Thanks to advances with technology and software, the travel industry can now produce effective video content, which has opened up a world of possibilities of showcasing destinations. By 2016, 1.2 million video minutes, the equivalent of 833 days (or more than two years), will travel the Internet every second. Estimates suggest there will be a total of 3.4 billion global Internet users by 2016, which is approximately 45% of the world’s projected population. There will be 1.5 billion Internet video users, up from 792 million in 2011. Numbers aside, there’s no better reason to start using video if you are in the travel sector. With a rise of many online travel bookings, a travel video is a must have if you want to keep competitive. Below are five reasons the travel sector should start using video now.

1.Travel Destinations

While travel can be accomplished on a budget, all travel still requires a fair commitment of time and money. Video will enable a tour operator to showcase what makes a travel destination so special. Photos certainly help, but an effective travel video can take the viewer on a journey showing destination area highlight’s. If an operator is offering a tailor-made holiday, video can be used as a differentiator to show why the operator’s holiday experience is better than the competitions.

2.Video Tours

A video tour can be really effective if it’s used to showcase a hotel, villa and venue facilities. It’s also a great way to show off day visits and attractions. A video tour is a great way to market your business since they are great for visualisation. Potential customers can view video tour highlights in a way that traditional photos can’t show. Also, there is a greater chance that a video tour will stand out amongst competitors who only offer photo and text explanations.


A video testimonial is a fantastic way to unleash the power of social proof. Popular sites such as Amazon enable customers to rate and discuss the product they have purchased. However, testimonials with text may not always appear as they seem. There are a lot of fake reviews out there which is why a video testimonial will always have the advantage. For example, a traveler talking to the camera about hotel facilities, city highlights and day trips will always offer an advantage over traditional text. Here a visitor will be able to see and hear from a fellow traveler about what makes a destination or hotel the ideal choice.

4.Local Interviews

In addition to testimonial videos, a local interview video is a great way to see why a destination is a must visit location. A local interview is great to see what makes a destination so city from the perspective of the locals. Locals will be able to discuss areas also worth visiting which may not be as popular in tour book guides.

5.Destination Experiences Offered

Tour operators may offer more that one travel experience. Online travel video is a great way to show destination experience such as skiing, hiking, family days out, etc. Imagine being able to perform a filter from set of destinations with a set of activity factors. A powerful set of videos with descriptions about vacation spots including sporting activities, local sports and entertainment could be an extremely powerful aid in enticing a visitor to book with your services.

General Advice

Before filming any travel video, make sure you the camera doesn’t start rolling until you have a plan in place.  Make sure you work out with your team in advance what needs to be filmed and project expectations. Also, try and keep your videos original. Creating video content can be a really fun and rewarding experience. It’s a great opportunity for your travel business to showcase what makes it so special.

Best of luck with your travel video content!


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