Two Point Lighting – How To Set Up Basic Online Video Lighting

Two Point Video Lighting - Basic Online Video Light SetupAdequate video lighting is one of those keys components which I consider a must have for any video production. While three point lighting is a standard method used for film which is built upon, a two point video lighting setup can also be very beneficial. By adopting two separate positions, the videographer can illuminate the key subject (such as a person) however desired, while also controlling (or eliminating entirely) the shading and shadows produced by direct lighting.

The key light, as the name suggests, targets the key subject of the video and serve as the primary illuminator source. The videographer can experiment with the strength of the video lighting, colour and angle. ┬áThe key light will determine the shot’s overall lighting design.

Next is a fill light is incorporated to balance out the shadows appearing on your subject. The fill light will typically not be as strong as the key light. If your lights are all the same strength you can look into using diffusers to help soften a light source along with colour gels. A colour of lighting gel is a transparent coloured material placed over a light source for colour correction and video lighting effects.

When setting up your lights imaging a line between your camera and the subject. Both the key and fill lights will be set up on either side of the line. Before shooting footage for your final production experiment with the video lighting setup. Depending on how far or close you place the lights you can change really change the mood of the video. And once you master two point lighting you can move it up a notch and start filming using three point lighting techniques which incorporate a back light. More on that later.

Demo showing the impact of two point lighting in a dark room

Best of luck with your video project!

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