How A Storyboard Can Help Your Online Video Production

By February 21, 2013Blog, Pre Production, Video Tips
Storyboard example for Online Video

Use a storyboard to plan out a great video production

A storyboard is an excellent planning tool which can be used as a guide when planning out a video production. It has a sequence of graphic illustrations which contain illustrations of shots visualizing a video production. Most high budget films will have a very detailed storyboard, but for smaller productions can keep things much simpler. Knowing which shots which to take and a description of what dialogue takes place can act as an excellent guide for even projects shot on a budget.

To help understand how a storyboard can help, I’ve created a simple design to help prove how the summary below could be illustrated in a story board.

Story Synopsis

Family run wine business managed by John and Sarah Smith each who have over 25 years of experience making wine. After early beginnings of selling their products at the local markets, their wine is now available at some of the top restaurants in the area as well as nationally. John and Sarah both understand what quality is which shows in several awards their wine has won recently. Wine tasting is available and functions and events are available to private customers on request. In the video John and Sarah both pitch what makes their wine so special. A combination of shots are used to mix things up. The storyboard will incorporate 10 key shots including shots of the vineyard, award-winning bottles and restaurant where couple are seen drinking a bottle.

Storyboard example for Online Video

A storyboard is a great tool to plan out the overall effort of your video production. Consider the following items:

  • Shoot locations
  • Subjects
  • Types of camera shots – (close-up vs long shots)


Best of luck with your video production from ‘ The Video Effect ‘

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  • Thanks for putting this together! Great info…am thinking about putting one together for my personal training business so any tips would be most appreciated


    • Nigel Camp says:

      Thanks for your response. Here are some tips which will hopefully help you out.

      Length – For your intro video, I’d keep the length less than 90 seconds if not shorter. This will keep the script a bit tighter.
      When you create your video consider the following:
      Environment – On your site you emphasise training outdoors on the main page. When you make your video I’d definitely look at including shots of outdoor work you do. You don’t have to necessarily be speaking during the outdoor footage and it can be played while the subject speaks.
      Clarity – I’d consider covering these points in your intro video
      1. Who you are
      2. What are common problems are most people faced with
      3. What makes your business unique in solving them
      4. How people can contact you

      Things to watch out for
      Sound – Sound is key, especially if you try to shoot outdoors where a gust of wind can ruin everything when someome is talking. I’d recommend doing some sound checks with your equipment to make sure your covered.
      Light – Light can make or break a production. Make sure you have the right light equipment in place. You can sometimes get away with it if the room lighting is ok, but it’s worth investing in lighting like the one offered There are plenty of alternative lighting options if that one does not suit.
      Record your scenes more than once – Don’t be afraid to take multiple takes of footage. Shooting several scenes more than one will give you room to play with.
      Subject Placement – Take a look at how subjects are framed on in the videos where they are talking about ipads, etc. I’ll have future tutorials on this, but it’s a good place to look so see how others do it properly.

      Here are just a few shots showing how things could be mixed up. It’s just a rough draft.
      Shot 1 – Subject appears on screen and introduces self company (Depending on how long the subject speaks for, don’t be afraid to mix up the camera shots. One shot can be from the waist up followed by a second shot from the chest up)
      Shot 2 – Subject talks about different problems people are faced with
      Shot 3 – Shot of client talking about benefits of your personal training (keep it short and simple)
      Shot 4 – Subject talks about what makes business unique (perhaps use various shots showing training in outdoor environment)
      Shot 5 – Subject talks about how people can get in touch
      If you shoot indoors, I’d recommend shooting the video so people can see that you are in a gym. It will work much better than a shoot in an office which could be anywhere.

      For the future
      Your site has a lot of specialties. Consider creating a video for each.
      Tutorials – People really like good tutorial content. Packaged the right way you could offer it on your site as a free item of model it into a package you could potentially sell or link to a web app
      Competition – Check out your competition and see what you like/don’t like. Work out a list of strengths you’d like to include in your video.
      I could go on and on, but hopefully you have a few things to think about. Look out for more updates on my site with cool tips. Best of luck with your business.

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